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Change is coming

The Internet significantly changed how we live our lives. When combined with mobile technology like smartphones, tablets and watches, we can find information, communicate, shop, entertain ourselves and use thousands of other applications from literally anywhere in the world.
These new enhanced capabilities have set the stage for the next major step in the use of technology. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the next generation of Internet products and services which will enhance the way we interact with cars, appliances, our home and other devices. It will improve the way everyone works, plays and live their lives.


Amphoria’s mission is creating solutions through connecting to the IoT. Using a variety of sensors we can collect, analyze and act upon the data in real time, often without human intervention. Connected IoT sensors and devices can not only collect data, but can also provide actionable capabilities such as sending an alert or a command to turn something on or off.

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Amphoria Tracker©

Amphoria can help anyone track anything, anywhere, anytime.

It is both easy and inexpensive to track people, pets and possessions in real time, using Amphoria Tracking Sensors and Cloud Services.

Our tracking sensors are small enough to be concealed from view and can fit on a pet’s collar or key ring.

Amphoria Refrigeration©

Why Have A Temperature Sensor ?

Whether for food, flowers or medical applications, losing refrigeration can become a costly proposition. Amphoria’s Cloud can alert you immediately should a unit’s temperature fall or rise outside designated thresholds.

Active monitoring of temperature means that we place a sensor inside your cold storage container; whether its a refrigerator, a freezer, a vaccine storage facility or, anything else that needs to be kept within a certain temperature range. Our service uses the Amphoria Cloud to monitor the temperature and adherence to the thresholds. We will send you alerts when a threshold is crossed via e-mail, sms or text message. You decide the frequency of alerts, and escalation if required. Alerts can be sent to one or more registered recipients.

Amphoria Sports©

Bringing IoT innovations to the field of sports offers many exciting possibilities on how we can improve athletic safety and performance.

Using Amphoria biometric sensors and Cloud analytics service, we can monitor key vital signs like pulse, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature and hydration foran entire team.

We upload this data to Amphoria’s cloud where it can be stored, analyzed, processed, formatted and communicated in real time. Should the biometric data fall outside of acceptable thresholds,
an alert is sent to someone on the sidelines to take action.

Amphoria Boat High Water / Theft Alert©

We can combine tracking with other sensor functions, such as detecting if the water level in the bilge of a boat is too high and send an alert. It is both easy and inexpensive to track people, pets
and possessions in real time with Amphoria tracker© with sensors that provide smart tracking. Using GPS technology combined with Amphoria Cloud Services, we can inform you where the tracker is, or generate an alert if conditions merit.

Sensor Finder©

Amphoria can help you find the right sensor for your IoT application. We have experience with a myriad of sensors. Some examples include:

  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Pressure, Flow, Barometric Pressure
  • Magnetic switching
  • Biometrics
  • Many others


Amphoria’s ability to provide end to end IoT solutions differentiates us from the numerous companies that provide niche offerings. Working together with our partners; we offer a variety of sensors, cloud, consulting, system integration and educational services. Our team has proven experience to design, build and implement complex IoT enterprise solutions.

Amphoria logo Services

Consulting and System Integration Services

Many of our team members have decades of experience in providing Information technology solutions to some of the largest companies in the world. They are “Subject Matter Experts” in connectivity, integration, IoT, mobile and cloud solutions.

    Our skills include:

  • Architecting, planning and designing solutions to be flexible for todays fast changing world
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Deep knowledge of sensors, cloud computing and mobile devices
  • Integration with heterogeneous applications with support for more than 80 platforms including z/OS, CICS, IMS, AIX, Linux, Unix, Windows, Tandem and more.
  • High performance and secure integration solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent commercial and government security standards
  • FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-3 compliant solutions

IoT Integration

For IoT applications that require integration to other systems or processes, Amphoria can integrate new IoT solutions into any IT environment.

A sample IoT system integration project performed by the Amphoria team members was the implementation of the “Connected Car” for one of Detroit's big three auto manufactures:

  • The car has more lines of code than an F-18 fighter jet and connects to over 100 sensors.
  • Car data goes to the cloud for preventive maintenance and quality control, which helps prevent massive recalls.
  • Cloud Integration with other services, such as weather, GPS navigation and traffic information enhances the interaction between the driver and the car.
  • Entertainment – provides connection to Pandora, Netflix and other Internet entertainment services.
  • Stored data provides the manufacturer with insights through “Big Data” analytics, such as the correlation between vehicles built at the same time when defects are found, or how the car performs on different vendors equipment.

Cloud Services

Amphoria Cloud Services offers our clients a reliable and affordable approach to connect sensors and other “Things” to the Internet. Once connected, our cloud applications can collect, store, integrate, analyze, format and deliver enhanced information to clients. Amphoria Cloud applications can also send data to other applications or devices as part of a process. Based on user rules, the Amphoria Cloud Service can send alerts (e-mail, sms, text message, etc.) in real time for customers to act upon the data.

    Amphoria Cloud Services offer our clients:

  • High density of connectivity
  • Connect millions of devices with predictable latency
  • Back-end integration to other data sources
  • Mobile and device integration
  • Event capture and generation
  • Rules and decision management
  • Alert processing
  • Storage for historical analysis and reporting

Amphoria  Education Services

Our educational services can help our clients rapidly leverage their IT investments. In addition to the more technical contact we offer, we can share with you how other clients in your industry have implemented creative IoT solutions.

    Amphoria  Education Services provides:

  • IoT Architecture and Design
  • Connectivity
  • Integration
  • Back end Integration
  • Cloud Storage concepts and facilities
  • Analytics
  • Protocol selection
  • Mobile App Integration and Design
  • MQTT Architecture
  • Application development
  • Mobile Solutions development
  • Consulting

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